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Salt & Light

Text: Matthew 5:13-16

The Functions of Salt

Nutritional - Needed for brain function, to maintain

blood pressure, balance blood levels, and essential

for nerve and muscle function.

Medicinal – Often it is added to pharmaceuticals to

help with bodily absorption

Chemical – Essential in the manufacture of baking

soda, many acid solutions, and in the processing of

leather from animal hides.

Manufacturing – Used in the production of glass,

polyester, and plastics

Religious – Greek Orthodox and Catholic practitioners

use salt is creating “holy water.” Salt was also used

in the Jewish sacrificial practices and is still a part of

Jewish festivals today.

Economic – In ancient history salt was sometimes

used as a currency because of it’s widespread value

and use.

Social - Michael de Servante , (author of Don Quixote)

said: “A man must eat a peck of salt with his friend

before he knows him.”

Aristotle said: “As the proverb says, men cannot know

each other until they have eaten salt together.”

The “Salt of the Earth”

Those who make a positive influence

on the world and others. They add:

Flavor - Enriching the everyday experiences of life

Preservation – Endeavoring to maintain the truth and

social standards of holiness

Community – Sharing of meals and fellowship to

maintain relationships

Value – The intrinsic worth and benefit in relationships

to impact others for Christ

The Characteristics of Light - providing

Direction: Specific to the Source and

Functions as Illumination

Intensity: Measured in brilliance and power

Selective intentional impact

Source of energy (Photosynthesis)

Color: Enhancement and Beauty

Encouraging or Influencing an Emotional Response

Contrast: Distinguishing light from darkness and

revealing that which is hidden

The “Light of the World”

God is Light (1 John 1:5)

He is the source of illumination

Jesus is the Light of the world (John 8:12, 9:5)

He is God in the flesh

We are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14)

We are made lights to the world by God’s

indwelling Spirit

Those indwelt by God who illuminate the world

through the revelation of His love and truth

have become the “light of the world.”

Tasteless Salt & Hidden Lights are WORTHLESS

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt

has become tasteless, how can it be made salty

again? It is no longer good for anything, except

to be thrown out and trampled under foot by

men. You are the light of the world. A city set

on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light

a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the

lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in

the house.” (vs. 13-15)

The Metaphor Message

Jesus was telling his disciples that He


ILLUMINATE the world around them.

The Application

Let your light shine (Illumination)

that they may see your good works

and glorify your Father (Impact)


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