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Purity vs. Promiscuity

Today’s Sermon is rated PG-13

Some subject matter may be inappropriate for younger children

Text: Proverbs 5

Purity vs. Promiscuity

The Invitation of Offered Sex (v. 1-6)

The Offer

Drips with the sweetness of honey

Is smoother than oil in speech & says:


No consequences

Just for fun/The hook-up culture

The reality afterward

Creates bitterness and regret

Self-destructive, soul wounding

Sets our feet on a downward path

Joins us to foolishness

Links us with instability

Join us with a person acting in ignorance

The Warning (v. 7-14)

Do not go there!

Avoid any dalliance

It will cost you financially


It will cost you physically and emotionally


You will regret it

“It almost ruined me,” Solomon says.


Cheap sex is often costly

Friendly sex is often relationally destructive

The Advice (v. 15-23)

Parable of springs of water

Drink from your own source

Do not wastefully distribute your water

Rejoice in the wife of your youth

Be exhilarated with her love

Do not look to any other

God is watching

God sees our ways

Our own sin will bind us

Our own folly will be our doom


Pornography is a standard your spouse will never be able to meet

Pornography is founded in fantasy not reality

Our foolishness is the ignorance of God’s Word

Our folly is that we disregard the counsel of God’s Word


Perhaps you do not struggle with sexual temptations.

That’s great.

Are you a student of the Word in order to understand God’s expectations for your life in other areas?

Are you walking in obedience in these other areas of your life?

We know the consequences of promiscuity, but all disobedience has a high cost.

We ignore the counsel of God’s Word to our own peril.


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