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Jesus meets our greatest needs

Text: Matthew 8:18-23

Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”

This psychological concept was presented by American psychologist, Abraham Maslow in 1943. Depicted as a pyramid, he proposed that our physiological or physical needs are the foundational layers in the human psyche and unless these layers of needs are met, the others are not as big a concern. He asserted that each added need is only pursued once the layers beneath it are adequately fulfilled. Note that the top three layers represent our

psychological/social/relational needs. The chart’s layers progress upward from survival (the foundation) to personal fulfillment (at the top). We generally won’t pursue personal fulfillment if lesser needs

have not been met.



Jesus wants to meet your greatest need

Your need for survival/sustenance

Your need for safety and security

Your need for love and belonging

Your need for self-esteem

Your need for self-actualization

1. Matthew reported how Jesus had met many physical needs. The leper was cleansed, a servant was healed, a fever was cured, and demons were cast out. (Matthew 8:2-17)

Jesus met the pressing need of the moment

for life, health, and survival.

2. In verses (19-20) Jesus addresses a man

that professes his preparedness to follow

Jesus anywhere. Jesus warns him that safety

and security on this earth is not the need that

He is most concerned about meeting. Earthly

safety is not guaranteed (19-20) Heavenly

safety and security IS guaranteed!

3. Then Jesus addresses a man that wants to

put off following Jesus till later in verses 21-22

Perhaps his father is ailing, or he just wants to

wait to get his inheritance before committing

to follow Jesus. But Jesus offers a far greater

and deeper relationship of sincere love and

belonging to those who commit to truly

following Him. That community of followers

where you can experience the love and sense

of belonging is often called “the church;” it’s

the people, not a building that is important.

4. We all want to feel good about ourselves,

but first we must come to the end of ourselves

and understand that it is not our worthiness

that attracts the love of God. Instead, when

God chooses us despite our unworthiness,

we become a testimony of His greatness and

grace. We are the trophies of God’s grace that

bring Him great glory! Our self-esteem is that

we get to be called children of God. He chose

me to be His child. Think of how Jesus taught

His disciples to pray: “OUR Father”Jesus infers

that we relate to the Father in the same way

HE does, as a child beloved of the Father!

What more do you need to feel a sense of

esteem and value?

5. Self-actualization: ultimate personal fulfill-

ment. It is not to be found in the accumulation

of wealth, or a multitude of achievements or

successes, or even feats of skill and heroics.

There will always be someone who has done

more or done better. Fulfillment is not “getting

to the top,” in fact the likelihood of you getting

to the top in ANYTHING is about 1 in 7 billion!

Personal fulfillment is contentment in the

circumstances of life, and joy in what you

believe God is doing in you and through

your life.

You can feel this way if you believe that

GOD’S PURPOSE FOR YOU is being daily

accomplished in your life.

The potential for your greatest fulfillment

in life is realized when you follow Jesus.

When He got into the boat, HIS


Their fundamental need for survival

was threatened by a storm. (V. 24)

They feared they would die. (V. 25)

They witnessed the power of God

manifested through Jesus to calm

a life-threatening storm! (V. 26)

They were amazed, and said, “What kind of man is this, that even the winds

and the sea obey Him?” (V. 27)

They had a life-changing experience.

They were personal witnesses to the

awesome power of God in Jesus.

Jesus continued to surprise them again

and again with what He could do, and

ultimately surprised them most when

He rose from the grave.

What do you want Jesus to do in your life

today? What need do you want Him to fulfill?

Are you willing to follow Him, trusting that He will fulfill all your needs?

Today for some of you, your greatest need

is to recognize that Jesus came to save you

from the wrath of God against your sin.

Jesus has already done everything to save you

from God’s wrath against sin. He hung on

the cross and received the wrath of God

against your sin upon Himself.

Do you believe this?

Does this ring true in your soul?

Then, place your trust in Him, and in what He

did and you will be saved from God’s wrath.

Then, you will be born again by His Spirit and

you will be recreated as His child.


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