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Farewell 2021, Hello 2022

This is the last week in the year 2021. For some it has been a good year,

for others it’s a different story. Tragic accidents and serious illnesses have

claimed the lives of some and drastically altered the lives of others. It’s not

surprising that many often ask, “Why? Why me? Why my family member?

Why my dear friend? Why now?” These are questions that we really aren’t

able to answer, but for the Christian believer, consider the words of this poem

- “Someday He’ll Explain the Reason Why “

Not until our earthly life has ended, and all our trials cease to try,

Will God reveal His Sovereign plan and explain the reason why,

The dark times are as needful, coming from our Father’s loving hand,

As the times of blessing and gain, though we may not understand.

One day, He’ll explain the reason why, each trial and pain I went through,

To bring me to Him, to save me from my sin and to give me life anew.

May your new year bring you happiness and blessings.

But, Trust God and keep the faith no matter what.


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