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Expanding the Kingdom of God    (a business like approach)

Text: Acts 11

Engage new clients

The gospel is taken to the Gentiles

  • Peter defends the method to church leaders

  • Christians were scattered by persecution (8:4)

  • Some began to preach Jesus to the Greeks

  • A large number turned to the Lord

Enter new markets

A new church formed at Antioch

  • Antioch was the 3rd largest city of the empire

  • Rome and Alexandria were the only ones larger

  • Antioch was a cultural and economic center

  • Antioch was a strategic center for the advancement of the gospel

Ensure consistent vision

Barnabas sent to verify the work

  • The grace of God was evident in the work

  • He celebrated their success

  • He encouraged continued faithfulness

Encourage a “team” approach

Barnabas and Saul taught for a year

  • Lasting impact is assured through developing others

  • A good team will become known by a common identity

Establish mutual alliances

The church at Antioch helped the brethren living in Judea

  • A global famine was predicted

  • The church sent relief funds to the church in Judea

How shall we employ God’s strategies?

Engage new clients: Share Jesus & invite others to worship

Enter new markets: Missions support & involvement

Ensure a consistent vision: The Bible & the Spirit as our guide

Encourage a ‘team’ approach: Intentional discipleship efforts

Establish mutual alliances: Support struggling churches & assist

new church plants

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