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Chosen & Changed – The Conversion of Saul

Text: Acts 9:1-31

Saul : Before Christ -- Acts 9:1-2

An enemy of the church

Threats and murder against the disciples

Intentional persecution

Seeking out Christians to persecute

Saul : Encountered by Christ -- Acts 9:3-9

A blinding flash of light

A voice speaking

The voice was Jesus

Others heard the voice too, but saw no one

Saul spent three days in Damascus blind and fasting

Saul : Chosen by Christ -- Acts 9:10-19a

God sent Ananias to Saul

God tells Ananias that He has chosen Saul

Ananias finds Saul and restores his sight

Saul regains his sight and is baptized

Saul : Changed by Christ – Acts 9:19b-22

Saul remained in Damascus several days

Saul began proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God

Saul continues to increase in (spiritual) strength

He confounded the Jews by proving Jesus is the Christ

Saul : Living for Christ – Acts 9:23-31

Jews plot to take Saul’s life

Saul escapes

Saul travels to Jerusalem but is shunned by others

He is accepted when befriended by Barnabas

Saul persists in speaking boldly for the Lord

The church continued to increase

Your Journey : Your Story

Your life before Christ In bondage to sin

Finding out about Christ Hearing the gospel

Chosen by Christ Experiencing salvation

Changed by Christ Indwelling of the Spirit

Living for Christ Surrendered to Serve

Do you persist in speaking boldly for the Lord

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