The Teachings of Jesus - the Unrighteous Steward

December 15, 2019

Text: Luke 16:1-15


The Occasion

     The conversation is still likely taking place at the home of a Pharisee

     Jesus addresses his disciples concerning the accumulation and use  
          of wealth


The Parable of the Unrighteous Servant

     A man was a poor property manager

     He was fired, but required to report on the accounts he managed

     He renegotiates the accounts to gain favor with the debtors

     His master praises his shrewd behavior


Understanding the Text

     It seems strange that Jesus told a parable that commends a poor
        manager for shrewc (even dishonest) behavior.

     BUT Jesus did not commend the unrighteous steward!   The rich
        man in the parable was the one who praised the unprincipled


Understanding the Truth

     The parable shows the corruption of those who highly
         value and pursue the accumulation of wealth.

                The rich man in the parable admires the unscrupulous 
of his former manager even though it is
                   diminishing his return

                The rich man in the parable admires the unscrupulous

                   behavior of his former manager as a behavior worth    


                (Jesus is targeting the Pharisees for their love of wealth)


The Teaching of Jesus

     Use your money to make friends so that they will help you when
         your finances are grim

     How you handle the smaller things of life reflects how you will
        handle all the matters of life

     No one can serve two masters

     You cannot pursue wealth and God


The Response

     The Pharisees were scoffing at Him because they were lovers of



The Rebuke

     You justify yourselves to men, but God knows your heart

     That which is highly regarded by men, is detestable to God


The Application

     What are you pursuing?

     What are your goals for 2020?

     Why are these the things you choose to pursue?


                                        SEEK FIRST

                  (primarily, exclusively, preeminently)

                                      THE KINGDOM

                                        (the glory)

                                         OF GOD


                              Don’t kid yourself


                                YOU CANNOT

                          embrace the world and

               pursue the things of the world and

                    gain the praise of the world


                                  Please God



                              GOD  HATES!





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