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The Teachings of Jesus - Entitlement (part two)

Text: Luke 14:15-24

The Occasion

At the dinner party of the Pharisee

The man with ‘dropsy’ was healed (abnormal swelling- edema)

Jesus spoke to the guests about exercising humility

Jesus spoke to the host about inviting the less fortunate

Another guest proclaims,

“Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the Kingdom of God.”

The Need for Correction

Jesus was responding to the comment regarding eating in the Kingdom of God.

The guest assumed that they would surely be eating in the Kingdom, and further they likely felt entitled to Kingdom blessings.

The Parable

A man was giving a large dinner party and sent out invitations

When the day arrived and the food prepared, he sent for his guests

His guests made poor excuses why they could not come

The host was angry and sent an invitation to all those in the city

This was accomplished but there was still room

The master sent his servants out of the city to compel people to come

The Master declared,

“None of those who were invited shall taste of my dinner.”

The Lesson

God desires His Kingdom to be full.

He invites those whom He chooses.

Some who may initially respond positively will later make excuses regarding their lack of participation.

The invitation was extended to others nearby.

Finally, the invitation was extended to everyone, even those who would not ordinarily be considered acceptable company.

Our Application:

Have you responded to His invitation?

Whom have you invited to the Kingdom? Why don’t we invite others?


Possible responses to His invitation:

Outright rejection of the invitation

Insincere Acceptance: It sounds wonderful, I’ll try to make it

(but when it’s time to show up we make excuses)

Conditional Acceptance: I’ll come if I don’t have anything better planned

Grateful Acceptance and Anticipation

Inviting Others:

Those who are most like us

Those around us

Or everyone we meet

The Sin of Our Entitlement

Wanting a church that is comfortable for us!

How often do we make excuses for our lack of participation because of our sense of entitlement?

Our discomfort with people who are “not like us”

Our discomfort with inviting EVERYONE!

…or anyone!


Let’s keep the church and the Kingdom for us.

I want a church where I know everyone.

I’m uncomfortable around _______________ kind of people.

We exist for God’s glory God did not invite us simply to bless us!

God invited us so that

we would be a blessing to others!

God desires His house to be FULL So long as there is room in His house

we are commanded to extend an invitation

to everyone.

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