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The Teachings of Jesus --  Parable of the Debtors

Text: Luke 7:36-50

In meeting others…

What do you see first?

What is there to see?

What did Simon see?

An Opportunity

A Questionable Prophet

A Disreputable Sinner

What did the Woman see?

An Opportunity A Prophet of God

Her Salvation

What did Jesus see?

An Opportunity

A Self-Righteous Sinner

A Repentant Sinner

The Parable: A money lender had two debtors:

One owed about two months wages, the other owed about twenty months of wages. Both had their debt forgiven

Which of them will love him more?

What did Jesus see in them?

Simon The Woman

Self-assured Brokenness Pride Humility Entitled Love Confidence Faith

What does Jesus see in us?

Are we indifferent and unmoved by His presence?

Have we begun to take Him for granted?

Have we grown content with our level of personal spirituality?


Is our brokenness and repentance readily apparent?

Does our love for Him appear as a spectacle to others?

Is our love evident in personal acts

of grateful sacrifice?

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