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An Act of Faith

Text: Numbers 21:1-9 and John 3:1-15 & John 12:32

Faithlessness yields disobedience

Willful defiance

God’s Judgement: Numbers 15:30-31

Example #1: Breaking the sabbath - Numbers 15:32-41

Example #2: Arrogance before God – Numbers 16:1-40

The next day: Numbers 16:41

Even leaders fail for lack of faith

No water : Numbers 20:1-13

The people complain

God speaks

Moses and Aaron lack faith

God’s judgment

Impatience is a lack of faith

The people speak out against God : Numbers 21:1-5

God judges with fiery serpents

The Act of Faith

The Bronze Serpent : Numbers 21:6-9

The look of faith

The Object of Faith (for us today: it is Jesus Christ himself)

The Look of Faith

John 3:3-15

John 12:32

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