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The Pursuit of Destiny

Text: Proverbs 4

You are in a fight for your future!

The battle of the Mind

Receptive to Instruction

Respectful to Instructors

Regard for the Information

Reap the Benefits of Insight

The battle of the Will

Accept the words of the Wise

Abide by the Words of Wisdom

Avoid the World’s Wickedness

Attain a Way of Worth

The battle of the Flesh

Give your Ears to attentively listen

Govern the words of your Mouth

Gaze on that which is good

Guide your Feet in right paths

The Battle Won

The honor of a life well-lived

The path that is bright and light

The security of life and health

Choose how you want to finish the fight

The choices you make day to day will determine how you finish it.

Choose wisely!


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