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The Original Sin (Genesis 3:1 - 24)

Original Sin

  • The Serpent - a temptation

  • Eve - a desire

  • Adam - a choice

The Serpent

Speaks (since when do animals speak?) It is a corruption of creation!

Poses a question to sow doubt concerning what God has said.

Willfully misrepresented what God had said


Hearing the words of God misrepresented without consequence, she too misrepresents God’s words.

The Serpent sowed doubt, and now Eve is enticed to that which God forbade.

She ate the forbidden fruit.


Seeing that Eve ate the fruit and nothing happen,

He ate the fruit also.

All three had considered “what can I get away with?” All three chose to test God.

Deut. 6:16 You shall not put the Lord your God to the test,”

Every sin has its origins in the mind

  • Every sin begins with doubting God’s goodness

  • Satan would have us believe that God is:

    • Untrustworthy

    • Limiting our potential

    • Trying to control us

    • Frustrating our happiness

When you think about these temptations/doubts that Satan tries to sow in you, do they resonate in you?

Which of the four rings the most true to you?


Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)

Take every thought captive (2 Cor 10:5)

God Questions Them

  • Adam

    • Where are you?

    • Who told you that you were naked?

    • Adam places blame on Eve (and God)

      • The woman you gave to me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.

  • Eve

    • What is this you have done?

      • The Serpent deceived me, and I ate.

The very human response to “getting caught” is to blame someone else.

God Judges Them

  • The Serpent - (the vessel that Satan used)

    • Cursed to forever crawl on its belly

    • Cursed to always “eat the dust” of defeat

  • Eve

    • Cursed to have pain “greatly multiplied” in childbirth

    • Cursed to desire ascendancy over men, but not to achieve it.

  • Adam

    • Cursed to live by toil and hardship

    • Cursed to die

The Serpent - (the vessel that Satan used)

Cursed are you more than all cattle and beasts of the field.

On your belly will you go, and dust you will eat.

Some rabbinic literature proposes that up till this point that the serpent may have had legs and been upright. More of the idea of a dragon.

John MacArthur writes this:

And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is

called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. (Revelation 12:9)

And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. (Revelation 20:2)

So the serpent crawls on the ground and eats the dust as a constant symbol of a degraded and defeated Satan.


Greatly multiplied pain in childbirth, yet you will desire your husband.

(Ascendency / Power / Sexual)

He will rule over you.


Cursed is the ground because of you (thorns, thistles, and food by labor)

You will struggle to live until you die.

The Mercy and Grace of God

  1. God came seeking them.

    1. “Where are you?”

  2. God made garments of skin.

    1. Shed the blood of animals to cover sinful Adam and Eve.

  3. God promised victory over the serpent from the seed of woman.

    1. A prophetic declaration of Jesus our Savior

  4. God drove them out, and stationed angels to guard the tree of life.

    1. God spared humanity an eternal struggle between good and evil.

1. God came seeking them.

“Where are you”

Luke 19:10 For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

2. God made garments of skin.

Gen 3:7 They made coverings of fig leaf for loin coverings

Gen 3:21 God made garments of skin (hides of animals). (God provided a covering for their

sin/shame by the shedding of blood)

Isaiah 61:10 He has clothed me with garments of salvation, He has wrapped me with a robe of


3. God promised victory over the serpent from the seed of woman.

God Spared humanity an eternal struggle between good and evil.

God did not want humanity to live continually in a state of having to choose between good and evil.


  • He limited the number of days for the life of a person, making death the consequence of sin.

  • He limited the era of man’s rebellion until the return of Christ.

Every Sin Has Its Origins in the Mind

Every sin begins with doubting God’s goodness

God says, “I have something better for you; trust Me.”

God’s ways are always right

God’s ways are always for our best

God’s ways open to us fullness of joy

Psalm 16:11 You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.


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