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The Excellent Wife

Text: Proverbs 31:10-31

Though this passage describes an excellent wife and her characteristics, it is also an extended metaphor as she represents “wisdom.” Just as a husband benefits from a godly wife, so we each benefit when we “marry” ourselves to God’s wisdom.

When you treat your wife as if she were foolish or tell her that she is foolish, then what does it say about her judgment in choosing you!

The Treasure of a Woman of Wisdom

She is Rare - Uncommon, not the usual or typical kind of woman

She is Valuable - Exceptional value – Providing greater benefit than would be customarily expected

She is Worthy of trust - Trustworthy – A person of godly character and integrity, who keeps her word even to her own harm

She is A Benefit to others - Beneficial – She improves the lives of those around her.

The Life of the Woman of Wisdom

In Her Pursuits (In General)

v. 12 She does good and not evil

v. 13 She delights to be productive

v. 14 She is enterprising

In the home

v. 15 She rises early to cook for the household

v. 16 She aims to contribute value to the home and family

v. 19 She sews

v. 21 She is secure in her provision for the family

v. 22 She takes good care of herself and dresses well

v. 27a She manages the household well

In the marketplace

v. 20 She ministers to others

v. 23 She brings credit to her husband’s reputation

v. 24 She conducts profitable business

In her Character & Conduct

v. 17 She cares for her physical body

v. 18a She knows her true value and integrity

v. 18b She makes good use of her time

v. 25a She is a person of strength and dignity

v. 25b She is positive about the future

v. 26a She is a woman of wisdom

v. 26b She teaches & counsels kindness to others

v. 27a She takes care of her responsibilities

v. 27b She is not idle

The Impact of the Woman of Wisdom

She Invests in the next generation & is praised for it.

v. 28a Her children grow up to bless her

She gains the praise and Blessing of her husband.

v. 28b Her husband praises her

Other women have done well but you are the BEST!

v. 29 Her husband values her & compliments her

Note that much of her work is to honor her husband,

and to advance his reputation in the public eye.

Secondly, she manages the home and children, and

contributes to the welfare of the family.

She knows she has succeeded when she receives

the honor and praise of her children & her husband.

The Husband’s Assessment

The outward manner of a woman can be misleading

A woman of Godly character should be Praised

Share Blessings with her as she deserves

Honor Her Positive reputation & Impact

v. 30 The husband’s assessment:

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,

The outward impression is not always faithful But a woman who [a]fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Godly character and godly conduct are worthy of praise Give her the product of her hands, She should benefit from her work and business

And let her works praise her in the gates.

Her lifestyle and work will earn a praiseworthy reputation

Husbands should be glad when they hear their wife praised and honored

But Let it first come from you before it comes from others.


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