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Prayer & Leadership

Text: Acts 14:21-23

The Work of Barnabas & Paul (and other godly leaders)

Preach the Gospel

Make Disciples

Strengthen the Church

Encourage Believers

Fortify the Faithful



Godly leaders pray

Patriarchs: Abraham (Gen. 20:17) Isaac (Gen 25:21)

Prophets: Moses (Nu, 11:2) Samuel (1 Sa. 8:6) Elisha (2 Ki. 4:33, 6:17-18)

Kings: David (2 Sa 24:25) Solomon (1 Ki 8:22-53)

Hezekiah (2 Ki. 19: 14-19)

Jesus prayed before selecting the apostles

(Luke 6:12-13 Now it was at this time that

He went off to the mountain to pray, and He

spent the whole night in prayer with God.

And when day came, He called His disciples

to Him and chose twelve of them, whom

He also named as apostles.)

The apostles prayed when selecting a replacement

forJudas (Acts 1: 24-25)

The apostles prayed before affirming the deacons (Acts 6:6)

Paul prayed when appointing elders (Acts 14:23)

Why pray for leaders?

Leaders set the course / VISION

Leaders provide the example / CHARACTER

Leaders structure the organization / VALUES & SYSTEMS

Leaders empower people / INFLUENCE

“…so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life

in all godliness and dignity” (1 Tim 2:1-2)

The Prayers for Leaders

Pray for wisdom and discernment when choosing leaders

Pray for leaders to have wisdom and discernment as they lead

Pray that God would give us leaders that pray


In Acts 6 the apostles assigned the practical task of serving the widows to designated men selected to serve.(deacons), so that

they could devote themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer. One great requirement of godly leaders is to be people

of prayer. Leaders should be praying for God’s direction and

praying for those they lead.

Subjects for Prayer Time: for RHBC Leadership

Pastors/Elder Candidates/Sunday School Teachers/Bible Study

Teachers/Worship Team

Our Ministry Leaders: Celebrate Recovery/Youth/Children/

Mens Ministry/Women Ministry/Light em’ up garage


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