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More than a Story

The first eyewitnesses Luke 2:8-18

Shepherds alerted by angels, came to see what had happened

They found their way to Mary and Joseph and the child

They made known what they had been told to them about


The second witnesses Luke 2:25-39

Simeon testified that his eyes had seen God’s salvation when he had seen Jesus.

Anna the prophetess continued to speak of Jesus as the redeemer of Jerusalem after seeing the child

The other witnesses Matthew 2:1-11

The Magi followed a star to Israel and again to Bethlehem until they came to the home of Jesus.

When they saw Jesus, they worshipped Him

The disciple’s witnesses 1 John 1:1-4

What we have heard, have seen, looked at, and touched we proclaim to you:

Eternal life has been manifested to us

We have fellowship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. We tell these things to others so that our joy may be complete

Paul’s witness 1 Corinthians 15:1-8

Christ died for our sins

He was buried and was raised on the third day

He then appeared to Peter and the other disciples

He then appeared to more than 500 others

Then Paul says, “He appeared to me also.”

My Witness

God has made Himself known to me

Jesus lived a sinless life and offered Himself as a sacrifice

to satisfy God’s wrath against me and my sin.

By grace I have been forgiven by the blood of Jesus,

saved by the resurrection of Jesus, and reborn by the

Spirit of Jesus.

I have heard Him speak to my heart, mind, and soul.

This is more than my story….


You can know the story and never know the Savior. Wise men sought Him to worship Him. Disciples do not simply follow His teachings,

they follow JESUS!


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