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Life Lessons

Text: Proverbs 6:1-15


We should believe in the truths of God so much in our heart and mind, that although we cannot always see the impact in our present reality, we cannot live any other way.

TRUTH ONE - Your own words can trap you

Do not pledge to pay another’s debt

Do not take on responsibility on behalf of a stranger

Do not make a needless promise

If you find yourself owing others:

Seek relief or patience from those you owe

Work feverishly to get yourself out of your obligations to others


The borrower becomes the lender’s slave (Proverbs 22:7)

TRUTH TWO – Actions determine outcomes

The illustration of the ant

Diligently prepares for the future

Takes personal responsibility for their future

Lack of effort today increases the potential poverty

of tomorrow

Too much sleep, too many naps, too many breaks to take a rest yields poverty

Proper planning and preparation prevents poor


Failing to plan is planning to fail


Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.

--- Theodore Roosevelt

TRUTH THREE Using others always ends badly

Characteristics of those who exploit others

They use manipulative speech

They make insinuations

Thy use slander to create strife

They stir up conflict

Their behavior will result in personal calamity

Eventually they will be shunned and excluded

Their broken relationships will not easily heal

Footnotes: Beware of using others to achieve your goals

Don’t use guilt or lies to get your needs met.

Don’t belittle the efforts of others to help you or

to satisfy you, but be grateful for their effort.

Don’t compare someone’s effort to that of other’s

in order to note how their performance was inferior.

Don’t be critical of a sincere effort.

Take personal responsibility for your own condition

or mistakes, and stop blaming others.

Your present condition is largely the result of your past decisions.


Believe in the truths of God so much

in your heart and mind that, even when you cannot

always see the impact in your present reality,

you cannot live any other way.


Your present condition is largely the result of past decisions.

Your future condition will largely be determined by the

decisions you begin making today. So, CHOOSE WISELY.


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