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Jesus, My Superhero

What makes a hero?

The Qualities of a Hero


Having excellent character


Action in the face of fear


Continued action despite obstacles and setbacks

The Motivation of a Hero


The Cultural Hero:

To Do Good for Others

The Godly Hero:

Obey and Glorify God

Some Godly Heroes

Noah built an ark Genesis 6-10

Abraham believed and obeyed Genesis 12-22

Joseph (OT) remained pure Genesis 37-50

Daniel prayed and trusted Daniel 1-6

Joseph (NT) protected and provided Mathew 1-2, Luke 2

John the Baptist faithfully and humbly preached Mathew 3,

Luke 3, John 3

The Mind of Godly Heroes

Faith and Trust In God

In His Purposes

In His Ways

In His Goodness

In His Power

In His Love

In His Timing

The Acts of Godly Heroes

Virtuous in all things:

Loving God foremost

Maintaining fellowship with the family of God

Loving others sacrificially

Standing firm in the faith

Encouraging one another

Sharing Jesus with the world

Showing the world our peace, hope, and joy

Courageous facing opposition

Persevering in difficulty

Like 8:15 But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have HEARD THE WORD with a good and virtuous heart, and HOLD IT FIRMLY, and PRODUCE FRUIT with perseverance".

Be a Godly Hero! As is JESUS, our Savior and our God


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