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Hannah: A Godly Mother

Text: 1 Samuel 1-2

A Woman of Pain

The grief of barrenness (1 Samuel 1:5)

The pain of provocation (1 Samuel 1:6-7)

The hurt from a husband (1 Samuel 1:8-10)

The wound of uninformed criticism (1 Samuel 1:12-16)

A Woman of Prayer

She was greatly distressed, and prayed to the Lord and

wept bitterly (1 Sam 1:10)

She made a vow to God that if God would give her a son,

she would give him to the Lord all the days of his life.

(1 Sam 1:11)

She prayed out of her complaint and grief. (1 Sam 1:16)

A Woman of Prudence

She nurtured her son. (1 Sam 1:22)

She kept her commitment even at great personal sacrifice.

(1 Sam 1:24-28)

She praised and worshipped God for His goodness and

kindness. (1 Sam 2:1-10)

She provided for Samuel by making a new robe for him

each year. (1 Sam 2:19)

A Woman of Patience

Continued to come to the temple each year to worship

(1 Sam 2:19)

Blessed by Eli for her faithfulness to dedicate Samuel

to the Lord (1 Sam 2:20)

Remembered and rewarded by God with three more

sons and two daughters. (1 Sam 2:21)

A Mother’s Journey

Motherhood brings Pain

In childbirth and in raising children

In dealing with your husband


Be a woman of Prayer

Take your concerns, your grief, and your pain to Go

Be a woman of Prudence

Exercise godly character, good judgment, and self-discipline

Be a woman of Patience

God has a plan. He will be faithful to you. Be faithful to Him.


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