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Community Principle #5 Loving and Being Loved


  1. Knowing and Being Known

  2. Serving and Being Served

  3. Admonishing and Being Admonished

  4. Encouraging and Being Encouraged

  5. Loving and Being Loved

The Essential Ingredient for Community with Christ in His Churchv

You are My friends if you do what I command you (John 15:14)

This is My command to you: Love One Another (John 15:12)

Love is expressed in sacrifice and service (John 15:13)

Loving and Being Loved

Text: Romans 12:1-20

Step One: How you relate to God

Offer yourself as a living sacrifice in service to God Seek a renewed mind, that is transformed to know and do the will of God (see Romans 12:1-2)

Step Two: How you view yourself

Do not think too highly of yourself Use your giftedness to serve God and the church (see Romans 12:3-8)

Step Three: How you feel toward each other

Nurture genuine love toward one another Be devoted to one another (see Romans 12:9-10)

Step Four: How you treat the saints

HONOR ONE ANOTHER: Show preference for one another. Do this with diligence, fervency, as serving the Lord, rejoicing, persevering, and prayerfully. CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER: Give to aid the saints ASSOCIATE WITH ONE ANOTHER: Practice hospitality (see Romans 12:10b-13)

Step Five: Practical actions that are loving

Bless those who persecute you

Identify with others in their rejoicing and weeping

Seek unity with one another

Do not be haughty – prideful

Associate with the lowly

Do not consider your own opinion of much significance

Do not seek to get even

Respect what is right and proper

Seek to be at peace with all men

Do not seek revenge

Be kind even to those who are not kind to you

(Romans 12:14-20)

Things NOT on the list and that should never be!

Make sure people are loving you the way you deserve.

Tell them if they are failing to love you well.

Do not love them if they do not love you first.

In the words of Jesus

“ This is My Commandment: that you love one another just as I have loved you.”

John 15:12

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