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The Teachings of Jesus - Invest Wisely

Text: Luke 19:11-27 *

The Occasion

Because they were near Jerusalem

Because they thought the Kingdom was imminent

The Parable of the Minas

A king was going to another land to receive a kingdom, and then was returning to his present kingdom.

He called 10 of his servants and gave each one “a mina.” (about three months wages.)

They were instructed to invest it on the king’s behalf until he returned.

The Defiant Servants

These citizens hated him

They sent a delegation to the king saying, “We do not want you to reign over us.”

(These are those, who though they know of God, refuse to

acknowledge Him or worship Him. They defy the living God and His right to rule over His creation.)

The Devoted Servant

This servant multiplied His master’s investment 10 times.

The Dutiful Servant

This servant multiplied His Master’s investment 5 times.

The Derelict Servant

This “worthless” servant willfully refused to fulfill his obligations to His master.

The Rewards:

The Derelict Servant – Even what he had was taken from him as punishment for the irresponsible misuse of what was entrusted to him.

The Devoted Servant – Was rewarded with rulership over 10 cities and was given the ‘mina’ taken from the Derelict Servant.

The Dutiful Servant – Was rewarded with rulership over 5 cities.

The Defiant Servants – These were brought before the king and slain in His presence.

The Lesson

A word from Jesus to the disciples regarding the stewardship of their lives, given to prepare them for His absence. It was a cautionary warning of how to conduct themselves after He is gone.

Your one ‘Mina’?

There are those who refuse to acknowledge the King. They reject His rule and authority, and they will perish. There are those who are devoted to the King and give

their very best efforts to live for His glory. They will be rewarded and blessed accordingly.

There are those who simply do their duty for the king, but perhaps not giving their best or their all. They will be rewarded accordingly.

There are those who make no genuine effort to bring glory to the King; they are guilty of dereliction of duty and they will receive no reward. (Even the ‘mina’ entrusted to them will be taken away.)

Are you investing your life and money wisely?

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