New Year 2020

Text:  Luke 17:1-10


New Year’s Resolutions:

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2.  What will YOU do in 2020?

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Jesus was teaching the disciples

          Lesson 1: About Obstacles

          Lesson 2: About Accountability

          Lesson 3: About Forgiveness

                      The Disciples plead, “Increase our faith”

          Lesson 4: About Faith



Lesson 1:  Obstacles

     There will always be obstacles to living out the life of faith

     Many of the greatest obstacles come in the form of other people

             (even other Christians)

     Live carefully that you will never be a stumbling block to others


                It would be better that a person die

                  before they become an obstacle

                        to less mature Christians.


Lesson 2:  Accountability

     Be alert to your own conduct, and the actions of others.

     Rebuke one another for sins


Lesson 3:  Forgiveness

     If a believer offends you and repents, forgive them.

     If they repeatedly sin against you over and over, but they repent,
            then forgive them every time.

     The Disiciples Plea:  Increase our faith

     The disciples recognizing the difficulty of the Lord’s command to
            repeatedly forgive, earnestly reply “Increase our faith”


A recognition that they are not presently inclined to forgive much

An admission that without the Lord’s help they will likely fail to forgive


Jesus teaches that the AMOUNT of faith is NOT the issue.

          With even the least amount of faith miraculous feats can be   


The Parable of Simple Obedience

      A man has a slave who works in the fields of his master. 
     When the day is done, he arrives at home and is expected to prepare
              a meal, clean himself up, and serve the meal to his master.     

     Afterward he may get food for himself.

     Note that the master does not thank the slave for doing what is expected.


Jesus was teaching His disciples 

     Lesson 5: About Obedience

As servants of God we ought to do as we are commanded

       Even when we have been obedient, we gain no merit

We are still unworthy of the Master’s grace and mercy

We have only done that which we ought to have done




                                Our need is NOT for more faith!


                                OUR NEED IS FOR THE FAITH

                                THAT LEADS TO OBEDIENCE

                       Failure to obey is always a lack of the faith!


                                   THE PROVISION OF GOD

            His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life
             and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called
               us by His own glory and excellence.         (see  2 Peter 1:3)

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