The Teachings of Jesus - The Prodigal

December 8, 2019


Text: Luke 15:11-32     -


The Prodigal – Irresponsible, squanderer, wasteful, useless


Prodigal: characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure –

     LAVISH: a prodigal feast., recklessly spending: the prodigal son

     yielding abundantly: LUXURIANT —often used of nature: it has

     been so prodigal of her bounty


The Occasion

     A dinner at the home of the Pharisee

        The Pharisees grumble about Jesus

    Jesus shares three parables:

        The Lost Sheep:  Every ‘one’ is important

        The Lost Coin:    Every ‘one’ is valuable

        The Prodigal Son (and the Prodigal Father)


The Prodigal Son

        A younger son asks for his inheritance.

        He squanders his inheritance.


        In misery, the son comes to his senses.

        The son returns home for employment.



        The younger so’s portion would be 1/3 of the estate.
           (the older brother gets a double portion)



The Prodigal Father

         The father saw him coming

         The father had compassion on him

         The father ran to him

         The father embraced him and kissed him

         The father called for a celebration feast


The Elder Son

         Comes in from work to the sounds of a party

         He is wounded and becomes angry

         He confronts his father

         The father replies: “Son, you have always been with me,

               And all that is mine is yours.”

              “But we had to celebrate that your brother

                          is alive and has returned.”


The Lesson

       The tax collectors and sinners are as the younger son.

               The Message to them: Repent and return

       The Pharisees and the Scribes are as the older son.

               All that the father owns will be theirs.

               Yet, they are embittered toward even their own kin
                   who return to share in the abundance of the father.


The Application

       To those who continue to walk in selfishness and are wasting their life:

               REPENT and RETURN
To those who nurture a critical and condescending spirit:
               BE GRATEFUL for what you have received
               CELEBRATE EVERY ‘ONE’ who REPENTS



                                       In this Season


                               WELCOME EVERY ‘ONE’


                                    SHOW KINDNESS

                           CELEBRATE THE MOMENTS


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