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Great Endings from Small Beginnings

Text: Luke 13:18-21

The Occasion

Jesus healed a woman who had been bent double

for eighteen years

The synagogue official was indignant that this was

done on the Sabbath

Jesus rebuked the official

Jesus opponents were humiliated, and the entire

crowd was rejoicing

The Parable

What is the Kingdom of God like?

It is like a mustard seed that becomes a tree.

It is like leaven hidden in three packs of flour

until it was all leavened

The Appeal of the Kingdom

Your starting point does not matter

The mustard seed

The pinch of yeast

Your past does not determine your future

God brings about the needed change

The seed becomes a tree

The leaven permeates the flour

God will bring about the change in you

The journey results in blessings

The tree becomes a home for birds

The flour becomes the bread, the pastry, and dessert

God wants to make you a blessing

The Vision of Zechariah (chapter 4)


“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit”

says the LORD of hosts. (v.6)

The foundation has been laid, and he will finish it. (v.9)

For who has despised the day of small things? (v.10)


Don’t be discouraged with a small beginning

Trust Him to work in you according to His Spirt and His timing

God will fulfill His purposes in you

God will receive glory through you


The greatest journeys all begin with the first step

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