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Ezekiel - EPIC

The Life and Times of Ezekiel the Prophet

Text: Ezekiel

The Vision

The chariot of God (1:4-21)

The radiance of God (1:22-28)

The call of God (2:1-7) to be a messenger


The Preparation of Ezekiel

Eat the scroll 2:8-3:15

Be a watchman 3:16-21

Limits on Ezekiel’s ministry 3:22-27

The Messages

A Message of Judgment on Israel (chapters 4-24) A Message of Judgment on the Gentiles

(chapters 25-32)

A Message of Rebuke and Reconciliation

(chapters 33-58)


God’s glory departs from the Temple (10:1-22 esp. 18)

A Glimpse of Redemption (11:14-25)

Ezekiel’s wife dies, but he does not mourn (12:15-27)

The Watchman (c. 33)

The Shepherds (c. 34)

The Valley of Dry Bones (c. 37 esp. v.14)

The Glory of God returns to the temple (c. 43)

The Purpose

“They will know that I am the LORD”

These words 26 times in the Bible, All of them in Ezekiel!

He acts to declare & protect His Holy Name

God’s actions in Israel’s History (20:9, 14, 22)

The reason God Redeems (36:21-28, 32, 36)

Are you fulfilling

God’s Purpose?

Are you making

His Name Great?

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