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Elisha - Be Filled

Text: 2 Kings 4:1-7

Running on Empty

The widow’s dilemma

A dead husband

Facing great debts

Children to be taken for payment

Our Feelings:

I can’t take one more thing - Burnout, Overwhelmed

Taking Stock

What do you have?

One jar of olive oil

Words of Wisdom for us:

Consider what you have & Be thankful, grateful

A Word from the Lord

Borrow vessels

From your Neighbors

Get Empty Vessels

Do not get a few

Words of Wisdom for us: Seek God

Come to End of yourself, humility – even humiliation. To have to rely on someone else….to borrow

God understands your needs and circumstances better than you do

You don’t know the truth of your circumstances until you have heard from Him

Pour it Out

Take what you have and pour it out

Words of Wisdom for us:

Self-Reliance is the enemy of faith.

We must get to the end of ourselves.

God will remove what you rely on, so that you learn to rely on Him

“Lead us not into temptation.” (God will lead us into circumstances where He knows we will be tested and tempted, because in the trial our faith is made stronger. Is there a possibility of failure, certainly – thus our cry for deliverance.)

God’s Provision

When all the vessels were full, the oil stopped

Pour into the jars you have

Set aside the jars that are filled

God met her immediate need

God provided for her future

Words of Wisdom for us:

When we are empty of self-reliance, God can be relied on to fill our needs

Truths for Today

God will not fill that which is not empty

God will fill all that is made available to Him


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