When we are loved...


               The Father’s Love

                              (in a mother’s heart)

                    Text:  2 Samuel 12:13 & Psalm 51


               The Father’s Model

Love makes the choice to forgive sin before sin is even admitted.
Forgiveness is shown when we admit our sin and confess it.


                              Admission of guilt
                                   (my transgressions  v. 1 & 3)
                             Admission of rebellion
                                   (done evil in Your sight  v. 4)
                             Admission of just punishment
                                  (you are justified / blameless  v. 4)
                             Admission of our corrupt nature             
                                 (brought forth in iniquity  v. 5)
                             Admission of great need                                           
                                 (my innermost needs  v. 6)



                              Asking for cleansing

                                   (purify me v. 7)

                              Asking for grace

                                   (make me hear joy v. 8)

                              Asking for mercy

                                   (hide your face from me v.  9)

                              Asking for deliverance

                                  (create in me a clean heart & spirit v.  10)

                              Asking for restoration

                                   (restore & sustain me v. 12)



                              Declaring His ways
                                   (I will teach Your ways v. 13)

                              Declaring His righteousness

                                   (I will sing of Your righteousness v. 14)

                              Declaring His praise

                                   (I will declare your praise v. 15)



                              Renewed favor

                                   (Make me hear joy and gladness  v. 8)

                              Renewed health

                                   (Brokenness turned to rejoicing  v. 8)

                              Renewed joy

                                   (Restored joy in salvation  v. 12)          

                              Renewed worship

                                   (My tongue will joyfully sing  v. 14)

                              Renewed relationship

                                   Offering God what He desires v. 16-17)


               A mother’s heart

                             A heart that is broken by disobedience

                             A love that forgives

                             A love that comforts and heals

                             A love that shows mercy and grace

                             A love that seeks to be reconciled


                Be reconciled

                              Life is too short not to be reconciled with family


                              Eternity is too long not to be reconciled with God

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