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Uncharted Territory

Text: Numbers 13-14

A Look Ahead

Twelve leaders chosen for the task

Moses’ Instructions:

See what the people are like

See what the cities are like

See what the land is like

The Investigation

They travelled unopposed

They gathered produce

The Report

A Mixed Review

A Visionary Voice – Caleb

The “Cold Water” Committee

Faithlessness Exposed

We should have never left

Let’s go back

Open rebellion

Faithlessness Rebuked

The earth will be filled with His glory

The promise delayed for the faithless

The greater accountability for the leaders

A Missed Opportunity

Acknowledging a mistake does NOT remove the consequences

Truth Takeaways

Every decision has the potential for Positive and/or Negative Outcomes

Seek a Word from the LORD

And Trust in Him (FAITH)


Where is God taking you?

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