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A Place for God

Text: Exodus chapters 25-40

God instructs Moses

“Raise a contribution for Me from everyone whose heart moves him.”

God's Regulations for…

The Ark of the Covenant 25:10

The Table of Showbread 25:23

The Golden Lampstand 25:31

The Tabernacle 26:1-37

The Altar of Sacrifice 27:1

The Altar of Incense 30:1

The Assigned Responsibilities

God equips people for the work 31:1

Bezalel – craftsmanship

Oholiab – manufacture

God instructs Moses about the Sabbath

God gives Moses the tablets written by the finger of God. 31:18

The people’s REBELLION -- chapter 32

Moses has been on the mountain 40 days

The people want a new god, so Aaron fashions a golden calf

God prepares to destroy the people

Moses intercedes, and God relents

The Repercussions

Moses shatters the stone tablets

The idol is burned and ground to powder

The powder is spread on the water and the people were made to drink it

WHY drink the gold infused water?

Meeting with Respect

God speaks to Moses as a friend 33:11

God shows Moses favor

God shows Moses the trailing of His glory

God restores the stone tablets of the covenant

God renews His covenant with Israel

Moses Returns to the people

Moses returns after another 40 days

His face is shining

The contribution is finally received

The people return to the work


The people bring more than enough

Moses tells them to stop giving

The tabernacle is completed

The glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle

Today’s Takeaways

God speaks specifically (Ex. 25 – 30)

God equips people with His Spirit to “do something” (Ex 31: 3)

The covering for sin is always “blood” (Ex 32:20)

God requires of everyone a measure of sacrifice (Ex. 34:20)

God is with His people (Ex. 40: 34-38)

Reflect & Respond

Are you doing all that God requires?

Has your rebellion been brought under atoning blood?

Are you aware of the Glory of God?

Are YOU a place where GOD dwells?

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