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Meeting God

Text: Exodus chapters 19 & 20

Camped at the Mountain (19:1-2)

After three months of travel to the Sinai region

They camped before the mountain

God spoke to Moses

The First Hike: The Promise of Gpd (19:3-5)

If you Obey My Voice

If you Keep My Covenant

Then You shall be My possession

Then You shall be a kingdom of priests

Then You shall be a Holy Nation

The Second Hike (?) (19:7-9)

The message given to Moses

God will come in a thick cloud

The people will hear when God speaks

The “Next” Hike (19:10-15)

The Instructions given to Moses

Prepare the people for God’s arrival

The Lord will descend on the mountain in three days

On the Third Day

The Lord arrives: (19:16-20)

The spectacular arrival scene

Moses called up to the top of the mountain to meet with God

Moses given a warning for the people (vs. 20-25)

Tell the people: Don’t come near

Tell the Priests: Don’t come unprepared

Moses concerned about the prests

The Lord instructs only Moses and Aaron to come up

God speaks to His people (20:1-17)

God establishes His Covenant with His People

The Requirements of God

The People fear the Voice of God (20:18-21)

The People saw the lightning, heard the thunder and saw the mountain smoking

They heard the sound of the trumpet

They stood at a distance

God instructs Moses (20:21-24:2)

The mode of worship: Sacrifice

Many other requirements given

The Covenant Ratified (24:3-8)

Moses tells the people the expectations of God

The People agree

Moses writes down the requirements

Moses prepares the sacrifice

The Covenant is read

The People agree

Moses sprinkles the people with blood

Today’s Takeaways

God speaks to us

God has clear expectations of us

The Covenants of God are sealed in blood

The Lord is Mighty, Awesome, Holy and Worthy to be Feared and Obeyed

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