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The Lord Will Fight For You

Exodus chapter 14

Life can be difficult

God is in control in your difficulties

Your circumstances may not be about you! The typical response is fear and complaint

Exodus 14:1-14

14:4 The Lord hardens Pharaoh heart, of they will know that I am the Lord

14:8 The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart to chase after the Israelites

14:10-12 Pharaoh drew near, and the people complained

14:13-14 Moses responds

God delivers THROUGH difficulties

(not always from our difficulties) Moses Instructs the People:

The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent

Do not fear; Stand and Watch; Keep silent

Ex 14:13-14

God’s Deliverance:

God doesn’t always remove the danger

Instead He acts for His own honor and glory

He takes His people through troubled waters

The LORD fights for us:

He protects His people

He watches over His people

He thwarts the enemy

He overthrows the enemy

Protects (Ex 14: 19-20) Watches over (Ex. 14: 24)

He fights for us (Ex. 14:25)

Overthrow the enemy (Ex. 14:27-28)

God delivers:

The people went through on dry land

The people feared the Lord

The people believed the Lord

The people trusted their leader

Ex. 14:29-31

What do you fear?

Fear the Lord

Keep Silent / Don’t Complain

Wait on His deliverance

Trust His plan

Believe His Love

God is honored

when we faithfully wait

on His deliverance

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