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The People of Israel & the God Who Hears

Text: Exodus 1-2

The Heritage of Israel

Jacob’s family of 70 persons settles in Egypt

The children of Israel increase and multiply

God keeps His promise to bless Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

The Hardship of Israel

After 200 years a king arises in Egypt who did not know Joseph

Systematic mistreatment of the Israelites


Forced Labor



The Honor of Israel

The midwives refusal to obey the king’s orders

Civil disobedience – OBEY GOD -


When man requires what God forbids

When man forbids what God commands

The Plan of God

A son is born and placed in a wicker basket in the reeds of the Nile at three months old.

The child is found and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter

Pharaoh’s daughter names him Moses

Egyptian meaning: is born

Hebrew meaning: to draw out, to deliver

The plan of Moses

When Moses was grownhe recognized the hardship of his brethren

He killed an abusive Egyptian and hid his body

The news travelled regarding his deed, and pharaoh heard it

Pharaoh sought to kill Moses

Moses fled to Midian and settled there

The God who hears and sees

The sons of Israel sighed regarding their bondage

They cried out, and God heard their cry

God heard their groaning, and remembered His covenant

God saw the sons of Israel, and took notice of them

Timeless Truths

God keeps His promises

God keeps His people

His people follow His will

God provides for all He plans

God’s ways are different than ours

God knows our troubles and hears our cry

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