Joseph: The Favored Son

November 4, 2018

Text: Genesis 35:22b – 50:26


               Joseph’s Difficult Days

Sibling rivalry, jealousy and hatred

Sold into slavery, bought by Potiphar

 Falsely accused and sent to prison

 Forgotten and forsaken in prison


               Joseph is Exalted

Released from prison to interpret Pharaoh’s dream

Assigned responsibility to prepare the land for famine

Used by God to rescue and preserve his family


               Key Truths

                              We cannot control circumstances,

                                but we can choose our response.

                                                (Genesis 45:1-6)

                                       CHOOSE THANKFULNESS

                              No one can steal your character,

                               but you can choose to forsake it.

                              `              (Genesis 39:7-12)

                                             REMAIN FAITHFUL


                              God Is sovereignly in control

                                of all our circumstances.

                                (Genesis 45:7-8 & 50:20)

                                             TRUST HIM


                             Negative circumstances do not
                                reflect a lack of God’s love,

                                or a loss of God’s purposes.

                                             BE PATIENT

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