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Jacob: A Lesson of Reliance

Text: Genesis 25:19--35:22

The history of Jacob’s self reliance

Jacob’s birth (25:19-26)

Born a twin to Esau which means “red”

Jacob means “to supplant; one who takes by the heel”

Jacob’s manipulation

Stole his brother’s inheritance portion, “birthright” (25:27-34)

Stole the blessing intended for the ‘eldest’ son (27:1-29)

God speaks to Jacob in a dream (Gen 28)

Jacob “makes a deal” with God at Bethel (28:20-22)

The history of Jacob’s humiliation

Jacob seeks a wife from Laban (Gen 29-30)

Jacob tricked by Laban into marrying Leah

Jacob serves seven more years to marry Rachel

Laban keeps Jacob under his control (Gen 31:6-7)

God prospers Jacob regardless

Envy and jealousy begins to develop toward Jacob

God speaks to Jacob again, telling him to return to Canaan (Gen 31)

Laban pursues Jacob

Jacob and Laban make a covenant to go their separate ways in peace

The pattern of Jacob’s self-reliance

Jacob journeys to Canaan (Gen. 31-32)

The angels of God meet Jacob on the way (Gen 32:1)

Jacob sends gifts ahead of himself to sue for peace with Esau

Jacob wrestles with God

Jacob demands a blessing (Gen. 32:26)

Jacob’s name changed to Israel (Gen. 32:28 & 35:9-22)

Israel means “he struggles with God”

The revelation of God to Jacob

God appears in a dream at Bethel (Gen. 28:10-22)

God is referenced as the God of Abraham and Isaac

God instructs Jacob to return to the land of his fathers. (Gen. 31:3)

God spoke to Jacob when he was tending the flocks (Gen. 31:11-13)

God refers to Himself as “the God of Bethel”

Jacob wrestled with God (Gen 32:24-32)

A life adjustment

Jacob settles in Shechem and builds an altar (Gen.33:18-20)

El-Elohe-Israel “God-The God of Israel”

God speaks to Jacob telling him to settle in Bethel (Gen. 35:1)

Jacob tells his family to honor God (Gen. 35:2)

Jacob testifies that God has been with him wherever he has gone (35:3)

God renews His covenant with Jacob at Bethel (35:9-15)

Bethel – “The House of God”

The Lesson for us…





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