ABRAHAM: The Sojourner

September 30, 2018

       Text: Genesis chapters 12-15


                    TO CREATE A PEOPLE FOR HIS OWN GLORY  

                              Adam and Eve: The failure of sin

                              Noah: A fresh start that falters

                              The Tower of Babel revealed the godless ways of man

                              Abraham: The man of God’s choosing


                    GOD SPOKE TO ABRAM

                              “Go forth from your country,  (leave your safety)

                               And from your relatives, (leave your security)

                               And from your father’s house  (leave your status)

                               To the land I will show you.”


                    The Tower of Babel

                              Man’s Effort

                                   Build a city for ourselves

                                   A tower to reach into heaven

                                   Make for ourselves a name

                                   Fear of being scattered across the world


                    The Call of God

                              God’s Promise

                                    I will make you a great nation
                                   I will bless you
                                   I will make your name great
                                   I will make you a blessing to the world


              God’s Promises
                            and Abram’s Response

                                    I will give you this land  (12:7a)
                                             So he built an alter  (vs. 7b)
                                    I will make your descendants numerous  (13:16)
                                     (or be fruitful/multiply & fill the earth)
                                            So he built an alter  (vs. 18)
                                    You will be the father of many descendants  (15:4-5)
                                             Then he believed the Lord  (vs. 6)


               Our Truth Takeaways:
                              Blessing is often contingent on obedience
                              You cannot remain where you are and follow God
                              God declares us righteous on the basis of faith


                     What is God calling you from?
                                            from sin,
                                            from death,
                                            from fear,
                                            from sorrow

                    What is God calling you to?
                                            to holiness,
                                            to life,
                                            to victory
                                            to joy

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