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Text: Exodus 33 The Measure of a Meaningful Relationship

Two determining factors to measure a meaningful relationship:

Factor One: The value we attribute to the relationship

Factor Two: The manner in which we express our valuation of the relationship

God’s Initiative in Relating to Us

Factor One: God highly values a relationship with us

Factor two: The manner (ways) that He demonstrated His value of us: He was pleased to crush His Son in order to make the relationship possible He took the initiative to birth us into a new relationship with Himself

He grants us repentance

He grants us faith to believe He sealed us as His own through the gift of His indwelling Spirit

How do you feel about God?

Factor One: The value we place on a relationship with God

How do you feel about God?

Indifferent Suspicious Affection Love Hate

Highly esteem Honor Consuming passion Apathy

What is your valuation of a relationship with God?

Is there anything or anyone in your life more important than God?

Factor two: How do we express our valuation of the


How we express ourselves ALWAYS reflects the TRUTH of how we value the relationship.

Your manner ALWAYS reflects your valuation

Factor two: The way we express our valuation of the


We demonstrate that we value the relationship with God

in three ways:

  1. We believe that He loves us and wants a relationship with us.

  2. We trust Him completely, and trust that His will is best.

  3. We follow the example of Jesus by being obedient to the Father

“If you love me you will keep MY commands” (John 14:15)



What are the commands

Rules Prohibitions

Proscribed behaviors

What the church has taught me that I am supposed to do or not do.

RELATIONSHIP says How shall I live to demonstrate my complete TRUST in Him?

Learn from Him

Follow His example

Faithfully act on His teachings

I am compelled by my love for Christ to follow His teachings and live my life for His glory.

RELIGION is performance based behavior

Goal: Behavior Modification

RELATIONSHIP is an interpersonal walk with God

Goal: To become a friend of God

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