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He's Coming Again - Are You Ready?

He is Coming Again! (Are you ready?)

Text: 1 John 2:28—3:3

Are You Psychologically Prepared? (2:28)

We are commanded to abide in Him

When He appears, will you greet Him with confidence or shame?

Are You Morally Prepared? (2:29)

You know that He is Righteous, You know that those who practice righteousness are born of God

When He appears, will your righteousness identify you as born of God?

Are You Relationally Prepared? (3:1)

If you are a child of God then the world will not know you because the world does not know Him

When He appears, will He identify you as His child?

Are You Emotionally Prepared?

When He returns those who belong to Him will be like Him.

Do you sincerely desire to become like Him?

Are You Personally Prepared?

Everyone who is counting on His return purifies their self, just as He is pure.

When He returns will He see that you pure?

For His Children, His return is a Glorious Promise & His return has Present-day Life-changing Implications and Expectations

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