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Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ Text: 1 John 2:12-17

Understanding Spiritual Growth

  • It does not affect your position before God

  • It does not affect God’s love for you

  • It is not measured by how long you’ve been a Christian

  • It is not measured by how much you know about God

  • It is not measured by ministry success or fruitfulness

  • It is not an emotional feeling or internal sense of closeness to God

Little Children & Children

  • “LITTLE CHILDREN” – all that are born of God

  • vs. Children of Satan

  • Your sins have been forgiven

  • For His Name’s sake, and For His glory


  • Those under parental instruction and care

  • You know the Father

  • Basic understanding of the special relationship

  • “Da-Da”

Spiritual Adolescents and Young Adults


  • Strong in the Truth

  • His Word is in you

  • You have overcome the evil one

Spiritual Parents

  • Because you know Him

  • “Who has been from the beginning”

  • A breadth and depth of understanding spiritual truths

  • A supernatural intimacy with God

  • A life of worship and service

  • A life of growing obedience

  • A reproducing life

  • Pouring out to others – Sharing the Gospel

  • Pouring into others – Discipling

The Ground for Growth

  • Nurtured by the Word of God

  • Hear it

  • Read it

  • Study it

  • Memorize it

  • Meditate on it


The Evidence of Growth

  • A diminishing love for the world & its...

  • Lust of the flesh

  • Lust of the eyes

  • Boastful pride of life

  • An increasing obedience to God

Spiritual growth only comes by the obedient application of the Word of God to YOUR LIFE!

Source Material:

MacArthur, John; The MacArthur New Testament Commentary 1-3 John, Moody Publishers, Chicago, 2007, pp. 69-92.

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