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God is Light

God is Light

He is Light with no darkness

Light and Darkness cannot coexist

Light always dispels Darkness

Since He is light with no darkness

  • IF we say we have a relationship with Him

and still walk in darkness

THEN we are lying

AND we are not practicing the Truth

  • IF we walk in the Light like He does

THEN we are connected with one another

AND have all our sin cleansed

by the blood of Jesus

  • IF we say we have no sin

THEN we are deceiving ourselves

AND the Truth is not in us

  • IF we confess our sins

THEN He faithfully forgives us

AND Cleanses us from all sin

  • IF we say we have not sinned

THEN we make Him a liar

AND His Word is not in us

  • John writes these things


  • IF anyone sins

THEN they have an advocate (Jesus)

AND Jesus satisfies

God’s requirement for justice

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