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Scandalous Service

Scandalous Service

Text: John 13:1-17

  1. Preparing to Serve…

  2. Laying Aside…

  3. Pride / Ego

  4. Status / Reputation

  5. Entitlement

  6. Girded with a towel

  7. Humility

  8. Vulnerability

  9. Scandalous Service…

  10. Jesus washed their feet

  11. God in the flesh stripped to the waist and wrapped in a towel -- a demonstration of humility

  12. God in the flesh kneeled before his disciples to clean the grime and crud from their feet -- a demonstration of servanthood

  13. God in the flesh washed the feet of Judas, knowing that Judas would betray Him -- a demonstration of loving your enemies

  14. Jesus Taught…

  15. Do you know what I have done to you?

  16. I gave you an example

  17. Do as I have done to you

  18. Not simply what I have done!

  19. Application…

  20. Servants DO as the Master does

  21. Follow His Example

  22. Exercise Humility

  23. Serve Others

  24. Knowing is NOT enough!

  25. You are blessed if you DO this.

  26. If you desire to be like Christ, you will serve others.

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