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The State of Our Church in 2018

The State of the Church 2018

What God has done in our history

  • Church founded in April 1998

  • New facility built in 2002

  • Kingdom Campus Vision

  • Baptisms conducted every year

  • Individual Spiritual Growth

  • Multiple Mission Trips

  • Support Mitch Marsh Ministries & SBC Cooperative Program

  • Retired Church Debt 2016

What God has done among us lately

In 2017:

  • Enabled us to baptize 11 people

  • Brought Ben Reeves to serve as our Associate Pastor

  • Brought 86 individual children in the last quarter of 2017

  • Expanded our ministry opportunities through Celebrate Recovery

  • Expanded our outreach through streaming our services

2017 Facility changes

  • Roof Repair

  • Children’s Hallway (Brooke Crowder)

  • Renovations: Choir Room / Library / Offices

  • Fire Pit (Clayton Stratton)

  • Improved Security: Safety Team / Cameras / Exterior Lights

Celebrations / Changes

  • Met our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal of $10K

  • Beth Shiloh has moved to their own facility

  • Emmanuel purchased their own land

  • Developing a Culture of Service & Volunteering

  • Developing Leaders: Elders & Ministry Catalysts

We are - Followers of Jesus Changing the World One Life at a Time

Vision ‘18

To be an Authentic Christian Community

To Reach People with the Gospel of Jesus

To Celebrate & Share our Life in Christ Together

2018 Opportunities

  • Volunteer in the Children’s Ministry

  • Increased weekly giving

  • Mission trips: Volunteers & Funding

  • Facility Improvements

  • Increased Ministry participation

  • More shared experiences of Worship and Fellowship

Personal Challenges

  • What will it take to move you from where you are, to where God wants you to be?

  • How will you serve the body of Christ in 2018?

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