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Coming Summer 2019

"Work for the good of the city..."

Jeremiah 29:7

What is "Serve The City?"

It can be hard to go on a mission trip far away, but we live every day in a mission field. For one week we will serve the city of Spartanburg. We will work in Homeless Shelters, Children Homes, and neighborhoods loving people and sharing Jesus. 

Who can Serve?

What exactly will we be doing?

When you register you will pick the area you want to serve in. This will be your team for the week. Each evening we will serve across the city before coming back for worship. Here is the schedule for each night. 

5pm - 5:45pm: Dinner

6pm - 8:00pm: Serve The City

8:15pm - 9:00pm: Worship

Anyone 13 or older.

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