Text: Acts 10     

God Draws People to Himself

      Cornelius was being drawn by God

      He was visited by an angel

      He was instructed to seek our Peter...

          Text: Acts 9:32-43



              Peter was going throughout the region, encouraging the


        Text:  Acts 9:1-31

Saul : Before Christ --  Acts 9:1-2

      An enemy of the church

      Threats and murder against the disciples

      Intentional persecution

      Seeking out Christians to per...

   Text:  Acts 8:2-40

The Church Scattered

     Christians must get out of their

     comfort zone to reach the lost


  After Stephen’s martyrdom a great persecution

began against the church.  They were scattered

throughout Ju...

           Text: Acts 6:8-8:1

A man of notable character

      He was chosen to be a servant-leader

           Only seven chosen in a church of 3000 (6:5)

           He was the first mentioned...

  Text: Acts 6:1-7

A Rapidly Growing Church

     Acts 2:41   About three thousand souls were added

     Acts 4:4    The number of the men came to be about five thousand

     Acts 5:14   Multitudes of men and...

              Text: Acts 5:14-42


     When God is at work, there will always be resistance.

          Multitudes were believing in the Lord Jesus

          The religious leaders became jealous...

 Fulfillment of Prophecy      

      Psalm 16:9-11        God will not abandon His soul to death

      Isaiah 53:10-11       If He sacrifices His life, He will prolong His days...

              Text:  Acts 5:12-16  

Last week we discussed God’s protection of the church, and His desire for purity in the church demonstrated by His taking the life of Ananias and Saphira for lying...

         Text: Acts 5:1-14

Protection from corrupting influences

      God struck and killed a couple from within the church
           who were lying to the Holy Spirit.

Great fear came upon the C...

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